Club Fitting & Repair

Professional Club Fittings

Bob Marlow – Professional Fitter and Repair Specialist conducts professional club fittings and all types of club repairs (on-site and often same day).

Club fittings include: use of our V1 BodiTrak Pressure Mat to determine your club head speed, launch angle, ball speed and spin rates. Aspects to consider are shaft flex and length, loft and lie angles, grip size, alignment and type.

Our very competitive prices are:

  • Club Fitting $50.00 (Price of the fitting may be deducted from your purchase if over $300.)
  • Re-shaft Normal $19.99 *
  • Re-shaft Bore-thru $24.99 *
  • Re-grip Services for any Club $2.99 **
  • Lengthen or Shorten Club Length $9.99 **
  • Change Swing-weight $9.99
  • Change Loft/Lie $4.99
  • Remove/Fix Rattle from Head or Shaft $9.99
  • Remove Broken Shaft $9.99
  • Tighten Loose Head $9.99

* Cost is for the service only. Please add the price of your selected shaft and grip to the charge. If the grip is not specified, we will replace it with as close to the same style/size that is currently on your club.

** Cost is for the service only. Please add the price of your selected grip to the charge.

PureLaunch Pro Launch Monitor

V1 BodiTrak Pressure Mat

Check your Speed, Launch Angle and Spin Rate

Loft and Lie Machine for Club Fitting

Loft and Lie Machine

Key Aspect of Club Fitting

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