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Tournament Schedule

Tournaments for 2022

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Tournament Rules

  1. To enter you must be a member of Marlow’s Golf Club and must play with at least one other Marlows Golf Club Member.
  2. USGA rules will apply, with the following exceptions:
    • You do not have to play from rocky ground areas. You are allowed to move your ball to the closest point of relief but no nearer the hole. This exception is made to save you and your clubs from these rocky areas.
    • The highest score for any hole will be nine (9). A hole is completed when the ball is in the cup or you reach the score of nine (9).
    • All putts, other than the limit of a score of 9, must be holed out.
    • All players must keep score on a Marlows Golf Club scorecard. You must put in the proper score for each hole. Each player and each marker must sign and date the card before turning it in.
    • All players will play from the white tees at all tournaments. Entry fee will be $10.00 for each tournament. Prizes will be awarded in Merchandise Certificates from Marlow’s Discount Golf and Schools. Prizes will be based on the number of Entries. Entry fee shall be paid when score cards are picked up at Marlow’s Discount Golf and Schools. Normal green fees and cart fees at each course will be paid by each player.

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