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Marlow’s Discount Golf and Schools

On April 22nd, 2021. The Property was sold, and the new owners have built office complexes on the site.

We wish to thank all our patrons a special thanks for all the years, over 25 years, you have utilized our facility.

Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional will continue being available for lessons, club fitting & repair, and has both new and used inventory of golf bags, woods, irons, wedges, putters, and new golf gloves and accessories for sale, at very reasonable prices.

Bob will be teaching golf at his studio and he will be utilizing V1 hi-speed Video Analysis, V1 Sports BodiTrac Pressure Mat (which can be extremely helpful in improving your weight shift) and also Live-View and Blast Systems for swing, pitching and putting analysis.

The lessons will be conducted at… his in-door/out-door studio; swing, pitching, chipping, and putting facility, located at 2209 Egyptian Way, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 (See Map), at a close by golf range, and will also be available for on-line V1 internet lessons as well as on course playing lessons.

You may contact Bob on his cellphone 214-882-3298 or email:

Frank Kim will still be coordinating Marlow’s Golf Club, Wednesday Golf Competitions, at various courses in the area. You can contact him at 682-249-3599 to sigh-up for tee times. Ron Cox will be coordinating membership and handicap issues for the Club; you can contact Ron at 817-821-4137. Your Ghin handicaps service will be good through February of each year paid for.

Again, thank you for your continued support from the owners and staff of Marlow’s Discount Golf and Schools.


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Marlow’s Discount Golf and Schools Newsletter

May 24th 2023, By Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional

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“Only 1 % of Golfers Know How to Release the Club Properly”

Improve All Aspecs of your Golf Game Fast!

At a point in your downswing when your right arm is folded and is approaching the front of your right hip,
you should begin rotating and straightening your right arm, so when the shaft of the club is 45 degrees past
impact, both arms are straight and the shaft bisects the arms and points at your sternum.

This release of the right arm and wrist creates shaft lean at impact, a square club face at impact, and a shallow
divot, that starts a few inches past the ball.

Try it in a short swing first with a short iron and notice the solid contact, use that right arm.

The most important aspect of posture is arcing the lower back, it connects you to the ground for Stability & Power.

I can teach you to pitch and chip like the best touring Pros and Putt like Tiger Woods when he putted his best. It’s
all about technique.


If you would like to have me coach you or a friend, you can contact me at 214-882-3298 or my new email

Note! New students you send me, that signs up for a series of 4 or more lessons, I offer you a free 1- hour lesson, value $100.

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